Cordoba Interiors

who we are

Cocoy Cordoba


Cocoy Cordoba is a renowned interior designer who has been in this industry for years. With penchant for being flamboyant, he has made it his trademark in the

Cordoba Interiors reflects this, showcasing an eclectic range of contemporary pieces, from furniture to paintings and sculptures.


furniture, accessories, design and the gallery


Our furniture is sourced locally and throughout Asia. Each one is curated and chosen or designed by Mr. Cordoba. All our furniture features a more modern, contemporary design, accentuating elegance, luxury, and theatrics.

interior design

Aside from just being a showroom, Cordoba Interiors also provides Interior Design services. Mr.Cordoba himself oversees each project from start to finish.

the gallery

The gallery is located on the 2nd floor of Cordoba Interiors. It showcases several paintings, sculptures, and a few statement piece furniture.Ms. Cordoba, Mr. Cordoba’s daughter, manages the gallery.

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